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PostHeaderIcon ... The case of a lifeboat davit


This is a case of a lifeboat davit mismanagement, a case of erroneous engineering, a case of a lacking foresight, a case for a need to improve on type-approval process . This was NOT an isolated incident, not with this company, not with davit manufacturer, not with similar arrangements from other manufacturers. It gets worse, there has been no significant developments (to my knowledge) that effectively fixed the cause. In my view, it is a failure on the part of industry's governing bodies, that allow such design to reach the end user - the seafarer.



What happened?

Last Updated (Monday, 04 April 2011 02:12)

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PostHeaderIcon ... Australian Labor Union's stance on lifeboat drills


It has long been my own position, that lifeboat drills should not require any personnel in the lifeboat during lowering or hoisting operations. While we can all agree that lifeboats / launching davits have evolved into a better & safer design, the danger of failing remained almost intact and such operations should always be deemed as one of the most dangerous tasks a seaman must undertake during his tour of duty. Still, it is a common occurrence these days, that some ship operators and/or masters require such personnel to be placed inside the lifeboat prior to lowering into the water.

Here is a photo of a lifeboat that came down crushing, killing 2 and seriously injuring 3 others.

  • demaged_lifeboat

AIMPE (Australian Institute of Marine & Power Engineers, a labor union) has taken a strong stance on the subject. Download the full version of AIMPE letter.

Last Updated (Friday, 09 October 2009 21:36)

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