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Fatigue has long been a problem in the marine industry, but hit all time highs once ship owners starting cutting operational costs by minimizing crewing to absolute required minimums. Data on fatigue vs. accidents is being compiled now regularly and a lot of time has been invested into finding the better way of dealing with this problem. The so called STCW work hours have been introduced, actual work hours are being monitored and recorded, new guidelines on fatigue are being issued etc. Everyone should have by now a pretty good grasp of the problem and its impact on the safe working environment. In many ways all of the above must be considered an important and positive development. In future articles I will delve into anti-fatigue programs as implemented by various maritime nations.

Here is a set of great posters from Maritme New Zealand. These relate specifically to fatigue and give an easy to understand overview of the day sleep drivers and cycles and how they can affect even the strongest of us. Posters in order to be effective in conveying a message must be accurate, concise and not the least of all - eye catching.

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  • wheelhouse_fatigue_checklist
  • MNZ_safety_risk
  • MNZ_biological_sleep_drivers_1
  • MNZ_biological_sleep_drivers_2
  • MNZ_sleep_cycles_1
  • MNZ_sleep_cycles_2

There is a lot more of such examples to follow, but the issue at stake is the research on the subject of fatigue that has already been done and how the industry in general is responding to suggested and required measures.

I'm going to go out on a limb for the moment and state that, if it were not for the requirements, we'd have an even bigger fatigue problem. Yet, we're not even close to being out of the woods.

Maritime industry, unlike any other one, has a unique work day schedule. Port calls know of no breaks or holidays, cargo is moved 365 days a year 24 hours a day, any operational stoppages can be viewed by the ship owner as incompetence rather than a technical or operational pause.

to be continued


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