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Here is a few images of a broken tanker off the entrance channel to port of Karachi in Pakistan. This was a case of incompetence and total lack of common sense. The vessel ran aground in a loaded condition (pilot did not make the turn, which by the way was not that sharp) and an attempt was made to pull the ship off without ANY lightering. Results are obvious. These photographs were taken about 7 months after the accident, and as you can see, not much progress was being made. There was some 100,000 barrels of crude oil spilled. Master and Chief Mate still in a Pakistani jail at that time (according to a local pilot).



While it is always best to prevent an accident to begin with, a good seamanship clause applies in the aftermath as well. A professional mariner,  must be mentally ready for such situations and have at least an idea of what the process of after grounding recovery ought to be. Being prepared entails a good knowledge of hull stress principles and hydrodynamics imposed on a  grounded hull. All vessels should have at least a thorough grounding checklist, so the major points of recovery will not be missed. In reality, a checklist alone is not going to make much of a difference if the vessel's / company management is not competent or attempts to limit available resources. This can be especially critical, if time is of great essence and decisions have to be made without delays.


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