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Here is an interesting finding on the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) web site.

... The Safety Board has long been concerned about the issue of operator fatigue in transportation and has stressed its concerns in investigation reports issued throughout the 1970s and 1980s.  In 1989, the Board issued three recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation calling for research, education, and revisions to existing regulations.  These recommendations were added to the Board’s Most Wanted List in 1990, and the issue of fatigue has remained on the Most Wanted List since then.  The Safety Board’s 1999 safety study of DOT efforts to address operator fatigue continued to show that this problem was widespread.  Operating a vehicle without the operator’s having adequate rest, in any mode of transportation, presents an unnecessary risk to the traveling public.

Safety Board recommendations on the issue of human fatigue and hours-of-work policies have had a substantial effect on encouraging the modal agencies to conduct research and take actions towards understanding the complex problem of operator fatigue in transportation and how it can affect operator performance ...

It further reads:

... The Coast Guard played a role in the IMO’s 1995 amendments to the STCW and has taken action to address fatigue-related risk through its CEMS program; however, more than 9 years after the recommendation was issued—and 19 years after the Board asked the Department of Transportation to review and update hours-of-service regulations for all modes of transportation (I-89-3)—the Coast Guard has not initiated any rule making governing domestic operations...

It comes from the NTSB's Most Wanted list for needed actions. It is titled Reduce Accidents and Incidents Caused by Human Fatigue

Notice the date of issue: June 1, 1999

Status: OPEN for an unacceptable response

I'm glad we're all on the same page as far the impact of fatigue goes. One day we might just see a manageable solution as well.


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