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The time goes on, so does the piracy. And the Somali pirates are thriving more than ever. Ironically, this is all taking place as the international naval fleet is continuing its efforts to change the rules of the game. Unfortunately that is turning out to be more of a smoke screen than a real attempt to fix the long going problem. A very serious one. However, anything that the industry or relevant entities do to cope with the issue is worth supporting.

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The Save Our Seafarers campaign is one of those attempts. While I personnally have no faith in it as it basically submits letters to a designated by the supporting mariner country, there is at least a remote chance to have our voices be heard where it might, ultimately, make a difference.

The website is self explanatory. Just click on the Support Our Campaign in right top corner and it will take you to a simple set up page where you can enter you name and country of choice upon which the sample letter will be shown, so you can see what is being submitted in your name. All in all it can't hurt, so please support it.

On another note, here is the Ocean Beyond Piracy project. It's affiliation with OFE scares me personally, but that's a different matter alltogether. The project itself though is a good source on piracy and related issues. And that is always a good thing.

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