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Here is an official website for what it became to be known as the European Union Naval Force Somalia, or EU NAVFOR Somalia.

The unfortunate first impression is, that the home page delivers mostly the good news, while in reality the situation in the Somali pirate controlled region has worsened since the operation started. There is still however, a lot of up to date information on hijacked ships and maps like the ones below, so even though it is more focused on the "accomplishments" of the Atalanta campaign, it's worth checking regularly nonetheless. Check out available for download publications, for example the BMP3 report or Best Management Practice 3, with most recent update as of June 2010, or 78 pages of how to manage for high risk areas.

  • BMP3

These images show a weekly-updated list of hijacked vessels and a map of hijacking positions for each listed vessel.

  • Pirated_vessels_list
  • Pirated_vessels_map

It is quite obvious from the map that pirates have literally taken control of the entire region up to coast of India and recent reports suggest, as far as the Straits of Hormuz.

Here is a link to NATO Shipping Center web site. NATO being involved in several operations worldwide, anti-piracy in Somalia region being one of them.

Here is a web site for Neptune Maritime Security , a self-appointed "World's Most Elite Maritime Security Specialists". The latter aside, as is the case with such web sites, there is good information posted and worth checking. Given the magnitude of the problem and shear number of attacks, no single web site is going to cover it all.


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