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This is a question I always ask myself, every time there is a site that allows for user registration. Depending on the site and actual post-registration gains, one must decide on own interest in the subject matter and how involved he/she desires to be. Some sites hold back a lot from unregistered guests. In fact in some cases is so ridiculous, the only options left are: take it or leave it.

At the editorial information is available to all visitors. The only hold-back is your inability to actively participate in the content and discussions. You will not be able to comment on articles either. You can still add content to the site. In such a case however, you must email editor with your  material, so it can be posted. This site is meant to be a user driven environment and with additional content, will grow with many different points of view.  It is free to you to investigate its content and decide on whether to register or not.

Registration is fast and simple. Requires a typical email confirmation loop (so your email must be valid), but asks for minimal identification.

It is also's policy not to engage in any spamming or similar "marketing" methods. The only goal is to inform the user through its content as best it can, while expecting  little in return.


Last Updated (Saturday, 26 March 2011 15:54)

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