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... runs on a CMS platform Joomla. It is an open source project with thousands of programmers and contributors working on its continued development. It allows for a user driven environment and can be expanded with added features as the need arises.

Site is comprised of several different components that combine into a dynamic presentation of its content that can be relatively easy managed and updated. See User Guidelines in Site Help for important points to remember as a participant.

In simple terms a web site has its content and navigation that allows to get to that content. Each page consists of several building blocks. Many of them are visible on every page, some may only be dedicated to featured sections.

Overall design of this site consists of the upper part that we can call a Header which displays on every page, and the lower part which displays content and additional tools / menus.

Navigation to content is by use of two separate items. Namely Top Menu and Side Menus.

Top Menu - located at the very top of the header (or possibly on the left panel in case a different template is in use), gives access to user related and administrative sections as well as direct access to major sections of the site. Here is a short description of Top menu items:

  • Home - takes user to the home page
  • Content - covers major sections of the site and gives direct access to: Safety (for safety matters aboard & ashore), Casualties (for accidents), Piracy at Sea (for piracy in every respect including regulations and initiatives), People Management (for management of people, the often misconstrued subject), Navigation (from bridge watch standing to the latest developments in electronics), Operations (for ships & terminal operational aspects as well as safety, cargo & ballast procedures etc.), Rules & Regulations (for regulations, industry standards, related governing bodies & authorities, national coast guards etc., this section does NOT cover the subject of Piracy at Sea as it has its own dedicated section) , Maritime Training (for mariner training), Maintenance (mainly for vessel maintenance issues, often linked to safety as well), Web Links (for links to web based content relevant to site's core matters), Images (for images of all sorts including scenic), ISM Code (for ISM Code related matters, articles and reports etc.)
  • Resources - covers: Downloads (for any material that can be downloaded from either this site or elsewhere on the web), Training Facilities (for maritime schools of all levels), Hire Agents (for marine hiring agencies world wide), Glossary (site based glossary of terms, this is growing feature that's being updated as time allows),
  • Read First - covers important articles for especially new users and comprises of: The Welcome letter, Site News ( for site's new developments and initiatives, added features etc.), Administrative Notices (for anticipated down times, site issues etc.)
  • Site Help - covers guidelines and help articles / tutorials written specifically for this site and comprises of: User Guidelines (on how to use the site effectively, site rules etc.a), Site Submissions (how to submit new material and related issues), Site Organization (like this article and similar about how the site is made up and future changes to that aspect), FAQ (frequently asked questions related specifically to site use and management, this section will NOT cover any maritime issues only site's operational aspects), Contacts (how to contact site's administration), FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions related to site features and use)
  • Login - this is a direct link to a login page which is permanently available on the home page left side bar

Side bar navigation comprises of one or more blocks. Each has a title bar and contains links to subsections, articles, resources, feeds and tools.

Left hand side focuses on content related menus and links. A Login block is also located on the right side (you can also get a login screen from the Top Menu).

Right hand side includes several web based tools that add functionality to the site. There are:

  • Ship's Date & Time - shows clock as default, with option to display a calendar, time & date is derived from local computer settings, so keep it up to date
  • Search - which allows for site wide search of articles etc.
  • Dictionary - this is a web based English language dictionary
  • Translator - this is a web based translation tool that covers many languages

In addition you may see more blocks on the right hand side like Polls etc.


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