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This is a preamble on people management. I will have more articles on this important subject. This is just a short excerpt from an article I wrote some 15 years ago. My views have not since changed in any considerable way.

Management is the ship's driving force. One may argue that is true for any work place, but shipboard assignment is far more unique and far less forgiving than most shore side work environments.

Management affects every aspect of vessel operations, even if it is not, directly linked to it. Sound management shows results, creates safety level that's priceless yet almost costless, and improves operational efficiency by challenging crew members to give their best day-in day-out. There is however, one point that is often missed out on: the best management runs in the background.

Ship operation is a rather controlled environment, and it should be. One must remember however, that it relies on many individual efforts. We simply cannot afford two men doing one-man's job. This fact must be recognised, in order to successfully continue our efforts in leading the vessel and/or departments to excellence (provided we agree, the latter is what we strive for).

Successfully challenging crew members is difficult.

  • it requires correct character evaluation. Each individual requires different approach. And yes, there are those who will not perform, no matter how much effort we put into trying to change it. It has never been easy for me to give up on people, yet that time eventually comes and the hard decision must be made.

  • it requires establishment of good communication.

We must make every effort to take the guess work out of all inter- and intra-departmental relationships. This may prove the most difficult of all. My experience has taught me to never give up on improving communications.If there is one thing that can prevent accidents while providing for an effective day ... it is communication.


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