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anchortime_logo_220 is a site dedicated to marine content, mainly focusing on the merchant mariner and the shipping industry. This is a new development that will take a little time to set up properly. The good news is, that I've decided to use the well known CMS platform Joomla version 1.5. CMS stands for Content Management Software and once properly set up, gives all users and visitors a powerful & dynamic presentation of the content, while allowing for a user driven environment. What it means is, that once you have registered and been given specific permissions, you will be able to write your own articles and/or opinions on relevant matters. If you would like to read up on the Joomla itself, please check out its main website at

Here is a few "icy" photographs. Click on each and see how it works. This is just a fingernail of possibilities in a CMS platform like Joomla.

  • An ITB in frigid waters off the Ambrose light
  • img_3591
  • img_3585

The shipping industry, as of this writing, is slow at best and many mariners, especially those in the USA, are straggling to find work.

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